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Mr Brian Martin Stubbs


Senior Project Manager  


Brian Stubbs has a BSc from the University of Bath. He is a successful project manager with 35 years’ experience in both commercial and industrial large-scale business management.

Brian is a senior project manager with extensive successful experience in business management (education), project management, for large corporations, education, organisations, and schools.

He has a wealth of experience in:

  • Team, leadership

  • New product development

  • Budget control

  • Contract management

  • Report writing

  • Patents and information.

Brian has extensive former experience in industry, including health and safety, process, design, new technologies, paper, and carbohydrate science, polymer and adhesive, science, and photochemistry.

Additional expereice:

  • Business manager; partnerships, networks, company links, potential contacts.

  • Health and safety; site and premises management.

  • Supporting budgeting with CEOs and finance directors, companies house returns.

  • Supporting marketing and events.

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