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TBTutors Online
Complaints Policy

Despite our best efforts, disputes and complaints may arise involving our organization and/or staff. As an education provider committed to fairness and integrity, we operate within the guidelines of our awarding bodies and strive to resolve complaints amicably.


The policy outlined below delineates the complaints process and our responses at each stage.


Importance of Reporting Issues

  • TBTutors Online is dedicated to enhancing its services and monitoring their quality continuously. Therefore, feedback from students, parents/carers, employers, visitors, and the community at large regarding service quality is highly valued and encouraged.

  • All complaints will be treated seriously, fairly, and with respect.


Reporting Issues

  • It is essential to notify TBTutors Online promptly of any concerns to facilitate investigation.

  • Initially, students should discuss concerns with their teacher or tutor. If resolution is not achieved or if they prefer, they can escalate the matter to the TBTutors Online Director. If concerns persist, a formal complaint can be made as outlined in point 3.

  • Timely reporting enhances the likelihood of achieving a satisfactory resolution.


Formal Complaint Procedure

  • To file a formal complaint, complete the Complaints Form and submit it to the TBTutors Online Director or through other agreed-upon communication channels.

  • Staff members are available to assist with the complaint process.

  • Upon receiving a complaint, TBTutors Online will acknowledge it, refer it to the Director for resolution, and provide a response within 10 working days. Complex issues may require longer investigation, with updates provided to the complainant.


Appeals Process

  • Dissatisfied complainants have the right to appeal to the Director within 15 days, clearly stating reasons for the appeal.

  • The Director will respond within 10 working days.

  • The Director's decision is final.

  • If still unsatisfied after exhausting TBTutors Online’s procedure, complainants may appeal to external organizations.

  • Support is available from TBTutors Online staff for contacting external agencies.



  • Complaint records are kept confidentially for a minimum of three years.

  • A summary of complaints is reported to TBTutors Online staff by the Director.

  • Closed complaints will not be revisited unless necessary.


Complaint Monitoring

  • TBTutors Online monitors complaints in terms of race, gender, and disability to ensure improved access for all customers.

  • A culture of disclosure is actively promoted to enable meaningful analysis across various demographics.


Continuous Improvement

  • TBTutors Online utilizes complaints to inform training, development, and operational adjustments, aiming to enhance service quality and minimize complaints within the constraints set by awarding bodies.

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