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TB Online School

Currently under development 

TB Online aspires to establish itself as a premier educational institution with a global reach and influence. Our commitment lies in providing a comprehensive, inclusive, and globally accessible British curriculum, fostering an environment where each student is valued, motivated to learn, and empowered to excel and find fulfilment.


Online education heralds a paradigm shift in the educational landscape, offering boundless opportunities for youth worldwide. Through this innovative approach, we aim to take down barriers and expand horizons, granting every student access to high-quality education and the tools to realize their full potential.


Despite the virtual nature of our classes, the impact will be substantial, nurturing a cohort of content, well-rounded, and resilient individuals who embrace independent learning and eagerly anticipate their educational journey each day.


We will ensure that our students receive top-tier instruction tailored to their needs, facilitated through our user-friendly online platform. From subject-specific resources to interactive classrooms, our students will have ample opportunities for engagement, communication, and collaboration, supported by a team of dedicated educators and pastoral staff.


Through dynamic live sessions, expert teachers, adaptable schedules, and unwavering support, we will be committed to providing an enriching educational experience that exceeds physical boundaries and nurtures the holistic development of each student.


Already online tuition at GCSE level is available with more services online in due course.

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